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Frequently Asked Questions

VAs synchronize their schedule with the client’s preferred time zone and observe US holidays. This flexibility ensures optimal collaboration and support during the hours that suit the client best.

Yes, as we skill-match and refine the selection of candidates based on the tools and platforms the client utilizes, our VAs are familiar with various Project Management tools such as Zoho, Trello, Asana, Monday, and more. This ensures a smooth integration of our services into your existing workflow.

VAs have flexible schedules, arranged within their 40-hour work week. In the event that a current VA exceeds these standard hours, an overtime fee will apply.

If there are time-sensitive tasks for that day, usually, their team leads manage those specific responsibilities. In the case of prolonged medical issues leading to an extended absence, and with the client’s preference, we can substitute the VA with a new one tailored to the role.

RocketVA’s VAs can generate content for your feed and assist in researching and producing content. However, conceptualization, choosing topics, and devising strategy must come from the client, as nobody understands it better than you do.

RocketVAs provides comprehensive training to VAs, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet client requirements and industry standards.

RocketVAs offers Entrepreneur Plan 499, Startup Plan 995, Small Business Plan 1695, and Team Plan 1995, catering to various business needs. Each plan is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for different scales of operations.

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