Fully managed, reliable remote teams that won’t break your bank.

From admin virtual assistants, to lead generation VAs, social media
managers, DM warriors, and project managers… We boast of the most
hassle-free management you’ll ever have. 100% turnkey, 100%
managed, 100% convenience
on a monthly subscription.

Everyone loves a party, and people trust in other people’s experiences!

Everyone loves a party, and people trust in other people’s experiences!

We get it. Hiring a virtual assistant or a project manager all by yourself can be tasking, and stressful.

This is why we’re taking away all the headaches that come with it. Just easy scaling with the team members that you deserve, that’s what we’re all about.

100% turnkey, 100% managed

So you scale fast without the headaches of HR and management – attendance, monitoring, QA, and systems upgrading. We will do all of that for you.

trained and certified

Our virtual assistants have undergone years of training and experience, and our project managers boast of Lean Six Sigma™ certifications so you’re guaranteed quality work, all the time.


What Our
Customers Say

Finding, interviewing, and hiring VAs was a huge bottleneck for the business, I needed a better way to grow my team, Rocket VAs gave me the ability to have access to a pool of qualified candidates that have done what we do previously is worth its weight in gold, I was able to find a candidate in days instead of weeks. I was able to plug our VA directly into our ecosystem seamlessly.


Dylan Rich

Automated Revenue

Our best experience with Rocket VAs is hiring May, She is a valuable member of our core team at The Remedy Room. She lives our core values, exceeds our expectations, and shows dedication to her work at The Remedy Room.


Alison Frankel

The Remedy Room

I was working too much, but I did not know how and when to delegate tasks to a VA and trust that process. Working with Rocket VAs gave me the confidence and trust to just be advised; they helped me find the right VA for me and learn how to really optimize.


Mike Salemi

Curious to know what kind of VA you will need and what the investment is like?

100% managed, 100% turnkey, easy monthy subscriptions.
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