Assistant Wars: Which Investment Should You Prioritize Today?

A Virtual Assistant vs. Personal Assistant Play-by-Play

As a busy professional, it’s important to prioritize where and how you invest your time and resources. Moreover, when hiring an assistant, the decision between a virtual or personal assistant can be a tough call. 

So, let’s play-by-play the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants

First, let’s talk about virtual assistants (VA). Thanks to technology, a virtual assistant can often be more affordable and more readily available than a personal assistant who must physically be present at your office. 

Virtual assistants also offer a more comprehensive range of skills, as they can work remotely from anywhere in the world…as long as the work needed can be delivered virtually. This means no extra overhead cost for a physical workspace and potential savings on benefits such as health insurance, as the cost of the latter can be less in different locations. 

A lot of VAs also have specialized skills and software proficiency advantages, allowing you to handpick the perfect fit for your needs.

Needless to say the glaring disadvantage of virtual assistants is that they can have less availability for face-to-face meetings and may require additional training on specific tasks or software. Additionally, the lack of a physical presence in the office may make building a personal rapport with your VA more challenging.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Personal Assistants

The pros of having an assistant are that they can help with paperwork, meetings on your behalf, or taking notes during meetings. They may also do light organizing for you, saving time in the long run after getting them set up correctly from day one! 

On top of this list is always knowing what’s going down. Everything simply feels too much if it isn’t organized neatly beforehand, so there will never again be any doubt about where things stand within company procedures by having an assistant.

Hiring a personal assistant (PA) means having someone physically present in your office or workspace, available for face-to-face meetings and last-minute requests. This can also offer added security and trust, as you have the opportunity to meet with potential PAs before hiring them.

However, this physical presence can come at a higher cost, including a workspace and potential benefits. PAs may also have more generalized skills than specialized ones, requiring additional training for specific tasks.

Which assistant is right for you? 

When hiring an assistant, personal and virtual options can effectively increase productivity and free up valuable time for focused work. There are several options to take into consideration while deciding between the two. 

Personal assistants may require a more significant financial investment, but they have the benefit of being physically present to assist with tasks in real time. Virtual assistants, like those provided by Rocket VAs, often come at a lower cost and offer more scheduling flexibility. It’s essential to keep communication clear and provide virtual assistants with all necessary information to efficiently assist with tasks. 

Ultimately, carefully considering the pros and cons of each option will lead to a decision that best fits the needs and budget of the individual or business.

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